Free Gearbox Diagnostics / Evaluation

If you believe you have some other problems with your vehicle or gearbox related problems we will evaluate this for you and give an idea about the cost of repair or replacement.

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Engine Reconditioning

Have your engine, fitted with confidence at our premises in London. If you are looking for either a used or reconditioned engine for any make of vehicle we guarantee FAST  no obligation quotations.  Simply call us or enter your registration number into contact us form and  one of our expert engine advisers will provide you with a quote FAST! All our engines come with comprehensive warranties.

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Expert Repairs to Gearbox / Transmission

You will experience Professional repair of manual automatic gearboxes from light motorcars, LDV's & trucks.

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Welcome to Tori Auto Service

Where good service and quality comes as standard, we are specialist in Engine reconditioning and  automatic / manual gearboxes to rebuild recondition all makes and models of European German and Japanese cars, We provide our clients with best value service here in London . We are proud to serve our customers professionally with high skill and workmanship; we have 15 years experience in rebuilding & reconditioning Engines and gearboxes.

If your vehicle is experiencing any gearbox problem, Warning light on the dashboard, its lost drive, slipping in the gear or juddering, we have modern and technologically advanced diagnostic equipments. Don't worry our qualified mechanics will diagnose any problem very quickly to let you know.

All you have to do is bring your vehicle down to our workshop we will carry out the diagnostic test within 10-20 mins which is free of charge to tell you if the problem is with gearbox or somewhere else. We will do our best to minimise the cost of repair or reconditioning the Engine and gearbox.